Pack out & storage serviecs

pack-out inventory tracking

We offer an insurance pack out inventory program that allows you to keep track of all your personal belongings. Our process includes a trained specialist going through each item, taking a photo, and thoroughly documenting them to create an extensive inventory. With this process, you will always know the location and state of your belongings.
Aside from maintaining a complete record of your belongings, we will also provide you and your insurance-carrier with specialized reports which will aid in the future or in case your items get damaged.

Safe and Secure Storage

During the rebuilt process, we will store all your contents in our climate-controlled warehouse, or if this is not logistically possible, in one of our partner climate-controlled storage facilities. With us, rest assured that every item is 100% safe and protected at all times.

Professional Packback Services

Once your property is completely restored, Central Florida Moving Services will assist you in putting every item back to its place. With our inventory system, we can return your furniture and personal belongings exactly where you left them. Or, if you prefer to put them in different rooms and positions, we can do that as well. 

Our professional pack back services ensure an easy and hassle-free experience in getting your home, building or office back to how it used to look. After we have completed returning your belongings to your home, your project manager will accompany you to check our work. And we will not leave until you are satisfied and sure that all the items are complete and in the same condition as they were when originally packed.


We offer non-salvageable evaluation, inventory, and valuation for all of your damaged contents. If any of your contents are damaged by water, mold, or fire we can evaluate these items, inventory, and give a monetary valuation for replacement value for your insurance company based on your insurance content coverage. 
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