Content & Restoration Services


Whether you’ve experienced a flood, fire, or a mold infestation, Central Florida Moving Services is with you during such trying time. We understand that photos, family heirlooms, documents, and other important belongings are priceless and irreplaceable. And to lose them during a disaster is truly devastating. Our mission is to make it lighter for you and help put your life back to normal with our content cleaning services.

When your house is struck with a disaster, you need to remove the contents of your home to prevent them from sustaining further damage. Here’s where we come in. We will carefully pack your belongings, list them down properly, and store them in our safe and temperature-controlled facility. With us, rest assured that your valuables are secured and are handled with utmost care.

Why Choose Central Florida Moving Services for Your Content Cleaning Needs?

We offer the highest level of preservation and restoration in town. With many homeowners trusting our services, we are a top content cleaning company that will put you and your needs first. If needed, we will also work with other experts in the field. We have a trusted network of subcontractors who we can call to make sure that all your prized and cherished possessions are successfully recovered. With us, you have nothing to worry about. 

Each of our team members is knowledgeable, skilled, and possesses the ability to clean and restore your belongings. We will handle each item carefully as if it were our own. All your belongings, both large and small, will be inventoried to make sure you won’t lose anything. We’ll clean them all up and restore them as needed. And if you’re ready to move back in, we can pack your belongings and send them your way. Here at Central Florida Moving Services, you can have an easy and stress-free content cleaning experience.

Content Cleaning the Right Way

As a leading restoration cleaning company, we have the team, equipment, and method that will get the job done the right way. Using only the latest technology, we can save your belongings and restore them to as close as its original shape. We utilize a powerful ultrasonic cleaning system that can thoroughly clean items damaged by smoke, water, fire, mold, and others. So if you need to save those figurines, fine china, toys, electronics, computer, stuffed animals, and many others, Central Florida Moving Services is here to do that.

To know more about our content cleaning services, contact us today. We’ll handle your things as you deal moving forward.

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